–Spodee: Wine with a Kick (grape wine with natural chocolate flavor)

20130619_181529Week #27

Hello Fame Fare and happy 27th “recipe” from Car.

This recipe comes directly off the wine shelve of my local PA liquor store. I have been looking at all the wines they have and trying something new each weekend.  In doing so I came across: Spodee “wine with a kick.”


Spodee: Wine with a Kick (grape wine with natural chocolate flavor)

Recipe Ingredients

There are a variety of suggested mixes for the wine at the Spodee website: http://spodeewine.com/

Recipe Directions

  1. See website


Spodee: Wine with a Kick Review

When I came across this wine the milk jug type bottle intrigued me.  Upon reading the label I was further intrigued.  As you can see in the picture, per the label, Spoode is from the Depression era.


I initially drank some straight and then per the other label, I made a Spodee and Sody. Lastly I made a drink equivalent to one on their website called “Spodee and the Sailor” which is Spodee, cola and rum.


The taste of Spodee is rich and sweet.  The chocolate taste is more of an after taste than an initial hit your taste buds upon first sip.  At 18% alcohol content it really does live up to the “kick” in its name.

Though it was tasty straight, due to its richness, I don’t think I could drink it straight in large quantities. I will purchase it again.  I would like to try some of the other recipes on the Spodee website.  Perhaps the recession punch or even the  moonshine margarita!!

If you try Spodee and/or some of the recipes on their website, please comment as to which ones are the best!!  For now, bottoms up and enjoy a Spodee or two!!

I give Spodee a 3.5 chef star rating.

star chef icon ffstar chef icon ffstar chef icon ffstar chef icon ff half


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